Smart go Banana / Banana shake / weight loss shake


Smart Go is a modern balanced diet. It is developed especially for those who take care of their health and choose quality products.

You get:

control over your appetite and body weight,
the pleasure from the taste,
ease and convenience of preparation,
an excellent mood.


Smart Go shakes are “smart” food, which contains everything you need for a balanced diet and proper functioning of the body:

3D Protein matrix* is a three-protein complex, including soy, milk and pea proteins. To form a complete amino acid profile. Protein is a basic material for healthy cell functioning, which is responsible for their nutrition, division and regeneration.

High digestibility (HD) * represents the benefits of digestive enzymes (lactase, alpha-amylase, bromelain), which help break down food for further absorption of nutrients by the body. They stimulate and normalize digestion.

Natural origin prebiotics*. Acacia fibers and chicory inulin are beneficial prebiotics for the body, they help improve digestion.

13 Vitamins and 11 Minerals* are a balanced complex of complementary vitamins and minerals for feeling good, maintaining optimal functioning of all organs and body systems and staying energized for the whole day.

The healthy shake with rich and creamy banana flavor. It will give you energy and a sense of fullness for a long time without any harm to a figure.


Those who do not have time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Those who like tasty and healthy snacks.
Those who choose proper nutrition.
Those who are active and stay up-to-date.


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