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  • Expert Eyelash Extension glue

    Longest lasting, fastest drying EXPERT Eyelash extension glue. Drying time 1 sec. Bonding time up to 6 weeks. Best humidity is between 30%-65% Temperature +18 - +26 Most important, Using on the eyelash extension time, that must recommend high humidity condition of the salon. We are recommending humidifier in the salon. Keeping instructions: Always keep in refrigerator at lowest humidity 20% and temperature +6 - +16 Shelving time: unopened up to 1 year, from opened up to 3 month.      

  • Bonder

    Before nail polish Before gel polish Before UV/LED Gels Bonders can be used with any nail enhancement to help promote adhesion. Acrylics: Before primer on clients who are prone to lifting.    

  • Curved Tweezer

    Our tweezers are made from high quality material. Itis stainless steel metal. This curved tweezer has sharp points to pick up  any thickness eyelash. Suitable for classic eyelash extensions, also it very good for separating natural eyelash or for 3-4D Volume technique.  Easy to work both ways, whichever you choose.  

  • Rubber base coat (clear)

    Milana rubber base coat are perfect to strentch the natural nail plate. It could be used as strong base before gel polish application or before nail extensions, also it could be used to create a perfect french manicure. Black rubber base coat are perfect to use as baground for mirror dust or cat eye application. White base coat colour also good to use for as baground for the dust rubbing or for french manicure. Natural rubber base coat colours are perfect suitable for creation of natural looking manicure. Rubber base coat cureing in LED/UV lamp. Led 30-60 sec UV 120 sec How to use this product, please watch video down below.

  • Imperial Volume Eyelashes

    Our lashes are made of the finest quality material, taking into account the latest eyelash industry standards and meeting all of your needs. Even the most demanding professional lash masters will fall in love them. MMilana imperial volume lashes easy to make a nice open fans and it will help you to speed up your work.     Thickness: 0.07mm

  • Straight tweezer

    Our tweezers are made from high quality material. Itis stainless steel metal. This straight tweezer has has sharp points to pick up the any thickness eyelash. Suitable for classic eyelash extensions, also it very good for separating natural lashes. Easy to work both ways, whichever you choose.

  • Diamond manicure 12pcs set E-file bits
    Item specifics
    • Brand Name:MMilana
    • Item Type:Electric Manicure Drill & Accessory
    • Size:12pcs
    • Material:Stainless Steel
    • Plugs Type:Drill Bit
    • Item Condition:100%Brand new
    • Quantity:12PCS/Set
    • Head :Diamond Rotary Burr
    • Shank:3/32"
    • Items :Nail Drill Bits
    • Styles:Nail Art Tools
    • Designs :Electric Machine Manicure
    • Use for :Cleaning Polishing
  • Black Titanium coated electric nail drill bit.

    Our drill bit fit for most electric manicure machines on the market. Check nail bits before use, if it's broken, do not use. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses, avoiding the chipping to hurt your eyes. For professional use only. If the bits drop down, please check whether it's broken or not. if it's broken, for safety, do not use Keep out of reach of children. Disinfect nail bits after use.

  • No wipe Top coat

    MMilana  has been designed a special formula for maximum shine and long strength. It could be applied on acrylic or gel nails as top and for the gel polish manicure. Without sticky layer. Curing time LED 30 sec  UV 2 min Capacity  10 ml

  • Primer

    Always before applying acrylics.Before UV/LED Gels Pro Tip: Dab the free edge of the natural nail with a non-acid primer like Magic Bond to prevent Gel Polishes from peeling on even the most stubborn of clients.

Dublin Nail Championship 2016

1st Place Winner of Photographic Nail Art

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