Professional Cheap Eyelash Extensions

MMIlana is one of the leading professional cheap eyelash extensions and nail products company. All products are selected and made by a world-class expert panel to deliver excellence.It leads in the market and competes by developing high quality and original products for the beauty industry. With our experience, we are able to make eyelash extensions, nail extensions, manicure and nail art products.

Professional cheap eyelash extensions enhance the beauty of your eyes:

We have highly skilled, experienced and well-trained workforce which consistently endeavour to provide outstanding products and remarkable services to our valued customers.

Professional Eyelash Extensions

With the modified product’s development in excellent formulation designs, we assure that our team dedicatedly perform their task. MMIlana internationally delivers their products and brilliantly exceed quality standards. Every Product such as nail glues, UV nail Gel, and Gel polishes are made with an extra care.

Our experts are artistic and know, which product enhances the woman beauty. We know that one and only way to add beauty to your makeup is a pair of marvelous eyelashes. We offer Imperial eyelashes, which enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Eyelash extensions we offer:

MMIlana is one stop solution for all professional eyelash extension needs. Our trustable staff comprehensively tested each and every beauty product to ensure high quality. We never ever compromise with the quality product, therefore, we consistently monitor our product quality. We always strive to identify the best product for the best result. The eyelash extensions we offer are:

  • Imperial eyelashes
  • Curved tweezer
  • Straight tweezer


MMIlana has a various range of eyelashes, which fits for any event. It depends on you, either you want a simple look or delegate imperial eyelashes for your natural beauty. We always aim to make an amazing appearance with the full effect of eyelashes. With respect to beauty, we offer the best imperial lashes at an affordable cost.

Straight and curved tweezers:

We offer outstanding shape of tweezers at a very affordable price. Moreover, our excellent products and tools inspire the beauty community. Our highest priority is to provide high performance of products and tools to maximize our clients’ look that is the ultimate way to success.

Contact us and get best of our deal at a very rational price.

Related Products:

  • Curved Tweezer

    Our tweezers are made from high quality material. Itis stainless steel metal. This curved tweezer has sharp points to pick up  any thickness eyelash. Suitable for classic eyelash extensions, also it very good for separating natural eyelash or for 3-4D Volume technique.  Easy to work both ways, whichever you choose.  

  • Disposable cosmetic micro brushes / 100 pcs / blue

    Feature: Material: Plastic Color: Green, blue, white, purple. Size: 10cm long ( Mascara Brush ) 100pcs/lot Can be arbitray bending angle. Disposable make up tools, non-linting. Very clean and sanitary, prevent infection.

  • Expert Eyelash Extension glue
    £15.99 £3.99

    Longest lasting, fastest drying EXPERT Eyelash extension glue. Drying time 1 sec. Bonding time up to 6 weeks. Best humidity is between 30%-65% Temperature +21 - +28 Most important, Using on the eyelash extension time, that must recommend high humidity condition of the salon. We are recommending humidifier in the salon. Keeping instructions: Always keep in refrigerator at lowest humidity 20% and temperature +6 - +16 Shelving time: unopened up to 1 year, from opened up to 3 month.      

  • Eyelash Extension Pads

    MMilana eyelash extension under eye pads. A shallow curve, quit thin with a strong adhesion. Smooth and lint free surface so your tweezers do not get tangled in the fibres. Contains: aqua, glycerin, polyacrylate and sodium carbomer. Please follow manufacturer instruction.