Eyelash cleansing bubble foam

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Keep your eyelash extensions clean and fresh with MMilana gentle bubble foam cleanser special made for for eyelash extensions, aftercare and daily hygiene 💯% The best product of the year ❎Rich, gentle bubbles reduce skin and eyelash irritation, delicate skin and eyelashes will cleans up all leftover of your makeup perfectly. ❎Our cleansing foam removes the oil and the dirts build up on the eyelash growing line, it will protect from Blepharitis and doesn’t weaken the eyelash bonds. ❎Oil free, so it will not destroy your eyelash extensions ❎Proper cleaning of eyelashes is an essential to prevent eyes condition that can happen when bacteria or PH levels are out of balance.
Everyone costumer must have it, because by using MMilana bubble foam your lashes will feel fresh and more happy every day, also your extension life time will be much longer.


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