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We strongly believe that everyone has the right to look fantastic and beautiful. We help women by making them look and feel good and empower them to make beautiful things happen. MMilna is based in Westbury Drive Cookstown Co Tyrone and specialises in providing high-quality beauty products like Eyelash Extensions London, manicure tools, gel polish and other products.

Although we offer many products, we have built a reputation for being an expert in providing long-lasting eyelash extensions. It is applied to your natural eyelashes, and instantly, they transform the look and feel of your eyes. They can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Our products have been developed based on our vast experience in the beauty business with the most different customers and regular attendance for training and seminars. We guarantee you will only get quality products from us.

Get Our Quality Eyelash Extensions London

Lashes can be as natural or as bold. They come in different lengths, thickness, curl and in synthetic mink lashes. When a single individual placed lash technique is used, it is known as classic lash extension.

Lash Aftercare


eyelash extensions londonAlways use simple oil-free eye makeup remover
Use a pencil eyeliner rather than liquid/gel
When removing makeup, pay special attention to your lash line. And in this case, cotton buds are best.
Use mascara wand for brushing and for keeping them neat
Gently wash your lashes every few days
Sleep on your back or your side with lashes off the pillow
After every 2-3 weeks schedule regular infill appointments to keep your lashes looking their best
Get in contact with a specialist for any questions or concerns
Enjoy your beautiful new lashes!


Keep your lashes wet for 24 hours after application
Don’t use sunbeds for 24 hours after application
Don’t use saunas, jacuzzis or come in contact with hot steam after application for 24 hours
Avoid going to the gym/working out after application
Use mascara on your lashes
Don’t use any oil-based products around your eye area
Don’t use a mechanical curler to perm or curl your lashes
Avoid pulling, picking, or rubbing your lashes
Never try to remove your lash extensions yourself. Professionals should remove it.

This is a new lash treatment which will define and curls your natural lashes in a single painless and relaxing procedure. This modern technique gently lifts and straightens your lashes from the roots providing you with a more thicker and voluminous lift for your natural lashes. The lashes sit down upwards towards the brow line to raise and give freshness to the face.

Forget about getting messy perming rods or clunky eyelash curlers to uplift your natural lashes. Lash lift makes use of silicon shields which might be far more comfortable for you and your lashes. We offer a wide range of silicon sizes to deal with different lengths and collectively with a consultation we can get an idea what look you are after.

While eyelash extensions are a perfect solution to many, many individuals opt for a natural alternative which will nonetheless offer a glamorous lash look.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have a considerable amount of experience in providing high-quality eyelash extensions in London.
  2. We organise the course for beginners, those who want to learn beauty crafts, work in the beauty field and those who wish to develop in this field.
  3. If you are not sure which eyelash extension will give you the desired look, we have a solution for you. We have a range of full, natural looking set where no one can guess that you have eyelash extensions. Our extensions will give you a glamorous look, which will make you stand out from the crowd and grab attention.
  4. We have a broad base of loyal and content customers. Those who after using our products were left looking transformed and amazing.

Guarantee Fair Service

Here at MMilana, our primary focus is to provide a unique, fair and high-quality eyelash extension products. Customers are encouraged to ask if they have any questions or doubts about our products. This gives the customer confidence that they are getting only quality products and second to none. We provide a safe, secure payment system to our customers as well.

Whatever you decide to have, there is no doubt that a set of lash extensions is a beautiful way to make your eyes sparkle and generally give your face a bit of a boost. And with proper care, they can last up to 3 to 6 weeks, before they fall out along with your natural lashes.

So do not wait and buy our quality eyelash extensions London now! We guarantee 100% satisfaction and exceed your expectations so that you buy from us again and again. Give us a chance, and we assure you not to disappoint you. We are the best and only provide the best to our customers.